To support the release of his funky new track “Booty Iz Bananaz,” Southern California-based house music producer and DJ, Ben Dragon, has released a highly entertaining new music video featuring a gorilla as the main character. A funky and fun ode to 1990s and early 2000s tech house and rap, Ben seamlessly combines funky basslines with upbeat electronic flavors to produce a uniquely progressive and catchy sound. 

The groovy music video out today stars a comical gorilla with stellar dance moves who falls in love with a beautiful girl he sees on Instagram. The gorilla starts to search for the girl and manages to find her in various places via her IG story while flying under the radar. Green screen effects and kaleidoscopic imagery are intercut with shots of the funky ape throughout various urban settings resulting in a visually stunning ride. Featuring a cameo from Ben Dragon in costume who secretly reveals his amazing dance skills and a quirky storyline following the bootylicious girl, the music video for “Booty Iz Bananaz” constantly keeps you on your toes.

Shot on a very small budget by director "Some Dude Named Devs,” “Booty Iz Bananaz” proves that a simple yet powerful concept can go a long way. Enthralling, funny, upbeat, and compelling, the music video for “Booty Iz Bananaz” leaves you yearning to watch it again. The single "Booty Iz Bananaz" drops Friday, April 3rd on Ben's own emblem Fire to My Ears Records

Listen to Ben Dragon on Spotify and watch "Booty Iz Bananaz" below.