If you've been following Elixir Records, you'll know that they've been on roll when it comes to innovating and pushing boundaries in the melodic dance music space. "Over Me" by Besomorph & DËKAY is no exception, especially when accompanied by the soaring vocals of Stephen Geisler.

Besomorph & DËKAY - "Over Me" featuring Stephen Geisler - OUT NOW on Elixir Records / Taz Network (EDM.com Feature)

A stellar, melancholic ballad with a punchy, emotional lead, "Over Me" is a rich palette of emotion serving as a spectacular backdrop for Geisler's soulful, lyrical touch.

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Hot on the heels of Besomorph's last releases with major YouTube tastemakers The Nations and Proximity, as well as Magic Music, "Over Me" is just the latest in a string of excellent releases with some of the video platforms hottest new labels. We can't wait to hear what comes next from these talented artists.


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