Big Gigantic have turned over the keys to their recent album Free Your Mind, entrusting a diverse lineup of genre-bending producers to deliver a new spin on their seventh full-length studio record.

The original album, a melting pot of electronic sub-genres threaded with the through line of Big Gigantic's signature funk-infused touch, would require an adaptable lineup of producers to reinvent the effort. CloZee, Opiuo, Nikademis, Party Pupils, AHEE, Daniel Allan, Kotek, and Samurai Del ultimately made the final cut on Free Your Mind Remixed

CloZee makes the perfect entrance, leading the pack with percolating, arpeggiated melodies that cascade into a chorus of uplifting horns. She's followed by sample magic from Opiuo, who spins "Higher" into a glitched-out web of rhythmically revving bass synths. Party Pupils lean into their roots, molding "Friends" into a bright and catchy nu-disco remix, assisted by a singalong style chorus from "Love Me For The Weekend" collaborator Ashe. Daniel Allan's "Moonlight" remix follows in a similarly uplifting vein, driving the vocal-centric arrangement with an atmosphere of playfully fluttering future bass synths and rhythmic drums.

Nikademis and AHEE make the heaviest contributions to the project with incendiary, in-your-face basslines while Kotek takes an experimental side-path, implementing a rich sub-bass layer into the arrangement. Last but not least, Samurai Del shuts it down with a bass house spin that contrasts shiny funk guitars and wobbling synths. 

Big Gigantic have never been artists to confine themselves to any given genre or set of rules, and as Free Your Mind Remixed demonstrates, that attitude carries over to the group's remix partners, who've put a final product together that satiates fans of the many eclectic flavors of dance music.