After a three-year lapse in solo singles, Big Gigantic have returned with a more introspective release. The Boulder, Colorado live electronic duo (comprised of Dominic Lalli and Jeremy Salken) have tapped Nevve for a tranquil piece of music titled "You're The One." 

Compared to the instrumental-infused brand of electro funk encapsulated on their 2016 album Brighter Future, "You're the One" exhibits a more future bass-leaning iteration of the Big Gigantic sound. A slowed-down breakbeat underscores Nevve's soulful vocal as Lalli's sound design and saxophone work round out the rest of the arrangement.

Lalli and Salken announced the single last week and crowd sourced content for a video that suggests they may be exploring a more contemplative chapter in their career. They implored fans to share things that they love about themselves, interspersing some of the answers in the visuals of a short clip uploaded to their YouTube channel.

"We're starting the process of looking directly inward with our song 'You're The One,'" Big Gigantic wrote in a joint statement. "The theme of the song is loving yourself, which in this day is something we could all do more of."

Stream or download "You're The One" by Big Gigantic featuring Nevve across platforms here.