BILLYTHEKID Drops Wonky Dubstep Bomb "Locked & Loaded" - - The Latest Electronic Dance Music News, Reviews & Artists

Novel bass producer BILLYTHEKID may be new to the electronic music world, but he has stomped his way onto the scene with his emphatic debut, "Locked & Loaded."

With its screeching sound design and thunderous bass, "Locked & Loaded" is as sinister as the artist's namesake, which is inspired by the eponymous notorious outlaw and gunfighter from the American Old West. Vicious bass patches run roughshod through its drops, flanked by frenetic, siren-like synths that slice through the pristine trap arrangement with ferocity akin to TYNAN or HEKLER. What makes the track special, however, is its breakdown, which features orchestral strings and marching snare patterns that hearken back to the Wild West. The unique sound design eventually builds and culminates in the song's rip-roaring second drop, which picks up the energy of the first en route to the conclusion of a bona fide dubstep bomb.

"Locked & Loaded" serves as the first official release for BILLYTHEKID, who, at least for the moment, is remaining anonymous. Stay on the lookout for more from the promising bass producer. 

You can listen to "Locked & Loaded" below and download the track for free here.