Back in March, the ever-mysterious Blackmill broke his silence and released his first song since 2019. Naturally, fans were excited to see the return of one of the melodic dubstep community's most respected and influential producers. Now, over the weekend, Blackmill teamed up with John Edge for a gentle, but moving offering, "Last Goodbye."

Like his last release, the new track is not under the bass music umbrella. The new single is a relaxing piano-driven track filled with impressive vocals and uplifting production. The elements combine to generate a deeply emotive and bittersweet story that can be enjoyed by fans of any genre of music.

In addition to the song release, a music video created by Edge's brother was shared. Matching the tone of "Last Goodbye," the visually pleasing video shows orbs of light float around and take the form of many different shapes set to the sound of the song.

As one would expect, with two songs released just over a month apart, some have begun to question if Blackmill's long-awaited third album was on the way. Thankfully, he's brought clarity to this mystery and revealed in the description of the video that it would be released this year. 

"I'm still working away at the 3rd album and now its closer than ever - this year it shall be released :)"

"Last Goodbye" is out now. At the time of writing, the title and specific release date of Blackmill's upcoming album are not yet known.







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