With everyone from Flume to guests on All Gas No Breaks Show endorsing ass eating, it seems as though the deviant sex act might never go out of style. Viral Instagram star Blake Webber is doing his part to keep it in the mainstream spotlight. As one half of the duo Double Dare, he's collaborated with FREAK ON on "Vitamin A," a song about exactly that.

The music video for "Vitamin A" is starred by Webber himself, depicting a fanciful restaurant run-in. Throughout much of the video he mouths along to the raunchy spoken-word vocals as the tech house rhythms of the song ring out underneath.

Opposite Webby in Double Dare is Los Angeles producer Matty Ghost. FREAK ON is a Portland producer known for tech house/G house singles like "Get Down" and "Nitrous."

"Vitamin A" is out via Pizzaslime Records, the imprint of meme purveyors Pizzaslime.

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