Downtempo, deep bass, and classic rave fans rejoice: Bob Moses and ZHU have finally joined forces. Released July 15th via Domino Recording Co., the single, titled "Desire," is the lead track from Bob Moses' upcoming album due on August 28th. The track will be the duo's fourth full-length release. 

For two artists who have never worked together before, "Desire" sounds seamless and true to each production act. It's an artfully tasteful application of each of their strengths, pulling the raspy and sincere vocals of Bob Moses and club-ready cool of ZHU to craft a hauntingly dark yet upbeat anthem about the trials and tribulations of being in love. 

Even more fantastic is the track's complete deviation from any easily recognizable genre, pulling moody ambience and deep house together into one compellingly creative standout single. "Desire" flows from a subtle introduction driven by the song's vocal track into an even more subtle break, dominated by reverberating chords and synths reminiscent of a muted vibraphone. The song then explodes into its anthemic chorus, chanted by Bob Moses and ZHU alike to convey its hard hitting message: "Don't want your desire, I just wanna be free."

Also released on July 15th was the track's music video, an interactive animated short film that is the first of its kind. Released via Eko, the media platform that previously partnered with Major Lazer for an interactive music video, the film was made with creative agency CTRL5 and director Owen Brown. Together, the groups brought the song to life in black, white, blue, and red, crafting an intimate, comic book-inspired portrait of the message behind "Desire." You can watch the interactive version here and check out the regular version below. 






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