Borgeous returns with a bass house heater to close out what's been an exploratory year for the LA-based producer.

Borgeous (real name John Borger) channels a dark and moody flavor of house music with his new single "Nobody." Keep in mind this was the same producer who kicked off the year with singalong singles "Leave" and "Better Anyway" featuring Jordyn Jones and RUNAGROUND respectively.

However, if there's one thing we know about Borgeous it's that he has the innate ability to keep listeners guessing. During peak festival season this year, Borgeous dropped an unexpected bass EP Lights Out. The project combined dubstep, trap, and hard dance and easily went down as his heaviest work to date. The move has only further established his reputation for heavy cross-genre appeal.

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"I've been excited to put out 'Nobody' for a while now. Like my Lights Out EP, it gives me another opportunity to show a different side...I love making music that can be played out at festivals and clubs, so what better way than a track built for the dance floor."

With "Nobody," Borgeous finds a middle ground. Between his foundations in house and his affinity for shaking things up with some bass, Borgeous is aiming to churn up the dance floor with his latest.




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