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Cadmium has been making quite a name for himself over the past years with the help of his unique and versatile productions, as well as his releases on labels such as NCS, Future Generation and Trap Nation. Now, he delivers once again, enlisting the masked Australian producer Skrybe and charismatic vocalist RIELL for the impactful single “Eat You Alive”.

“Eat You Alive”, which is out via Nightblue Music marks Cadmium’s (real name Alex Clark) 4th release of the year and is an explosive showcase of production and songwriting. Written in the unique key of Phrygian dominant, it carries an eastern sound that perfectly matches the mysterious theme, as well as RIELL’s stunning vocals. While her dynamic vocal performance takes the song to the next level, the drop is where the two producers really shine, as they manage to perfectly blend future bass synths with growling bass sounds.

“Eat You Alive” is a song written from the perspective of Medusa from Greek Mythology. Medusa was one of three Gorgons – dreadful and fearful creatures - except Medusa was a beautiful mortal. She served in Athena’s temple and everyone admired her beauty and Athena was thought to be jealous. One day after rejecting Poseidon multiple times, he forced himself on her and Athena did nothing to protect her. After this happened, Athena was enraged and cursed Medusa to be an ugly, vicious monster with snakes for hair and anyone who looked at her directly would be turned to stone.

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