With longer days and warmer weather, the commencement of festival season is approaching. There's no better time for up-and-coming producers to start releasing high-energy anthems that main stage DJs can mix into their sets (think: FISHER's "Losing It). 

Canadian duo CakeLife (comprised of Chris Pop and Leo Zhou) aim to fit that bill with their latest independent release, "Don't Let Go." It's a feelgood EDM track complete with pulsing bass, singalong vocals, and lyrics about love. 

It's also a sharp change in direction from the duo's debut single, "Cake," which used distorted synths and big room bass to yield more of a techno feel. The group has also released an unofficial remix of blackbear's "hot girl bummer."

Pop and Zhou are both still in school, currently attending Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. There they've been frequenting the local bar scene, building off previous performances as solo artists to book gigs and gain a following. 


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