Dallas-based producer capshun has been building well-earned buzz around his name for some time now. He’s mainly come up through SoundCloud while also co-curating his own label and collective, BONSAI, along with fellow artists Sasha Rome, Afrosamuraiist and paaus. Throughout his journey the talented producer has almost been overdelivering, putting out one synth-filled, trap-infused release after another. He is now back in full force, unveiling his debut EP, OKAMI.

Spanning six tracks in length, OKAMI is a stunning showcase of capshun’s artistic evolution, both production wise as well as conceptually, as the EP was born out of his love for Southeast Asian culture.

“Okami is an alternate name for Ametersu, who, in Japanese Shinto religion is seen as the goddess of the sun and the universe,” explained capshun. “There is a Japanese folk tale where Okami walks the earth as a wolf deity and brings miracles and basically saves Japan from destruction. I wanted to create a world that brings the elements of the goddess to life through sound.”

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“Rage” kicks off the EP in a strong fashion and perfectly introduces the listeners to the sonic world that is about to follow, while the ever-evolving “Destiny” continues the journey utilizing spacey synths and hard 808s. The epic and expertly produced “Kimetsu” and minimal outro “Luuj” add a lot of flavor to the tracklist, while previously released collaborations “Quintessence” with Floret Loret and “Acai Tower” with Quiet Bison, which was released earlier this year via UZ’s Quality Goods Records, are among the project's highlights.

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Twitter: twitter.com/capshun
Instagram: instagram.com/prodbycapshun
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/capshun




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