If COVID-19 has taught the music community anything, it's that you can take the person out of the rave, but you can't take the rave out of the person. Such is the case with Swedish duo CAZZETTE, who have crafted a sun-kissed mix for EDM.com with exclusive material that they "cant wait to [play] on the real-life dance-floors."

Fresh off the release of their new single "Get On Wiw It," CAZZETTE are diving headfirst into an exciting shift in sonics. Having recently gone independent, they teamed up with Cosmos Music, the leading indie label in the Nordics, and launched their own Magnetic Tape imprint. "Our latest track sets the path for a more house and tech-house oriented sound compared to our more pop-sounding catalog, which makes me feel excited and right at home," CAZZETTE told EDM.com. "This mini-mix is like a taste of how I spin live. Nonstop-groove and with a goal to surprise me with what comes next."

You can immerse yourself in the duo's fresh new sound via their exclusive mixtape below. The mix features a slew of unreleased tunes, like "Gossip" and "Rhythm of Life," which was inspired by Daft Punk, according to CAZZETTE.

01. CAZZETTE - Buffalo Hunter
02. CAZZETTE - Let It Be
03. CAZZETTE - Blind Heart
04. CAZZETTE - Get On Wiw It
05. CAZZETTE - Aciiid
06. CAZZETTE - Sleepless (feat. The High)
07. CAZZETTE - Rhythm of Life
08. CAZZETTE - Together
09. CAZZETTE - System Failure (feat. Downlowd & Mexpha)
10. CAZZETTE - Heart is Home (feat. Caarl)
11. CAZZETTE - Gossip
12. CAZZETTE - Quarantine Fjord (feat. Fabik)


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