Funk masters Chromeo recently released a new quarantine-inspired EP called Quarantine Casanova in an effort to raise spirits amid the current global health crisis. With all proceeds from the five-track EP going to Colin Kaepernick's Know Your Rights Camp's COVID-19 relief fund, not only is the duo giving us a reason to get up and dance, they'll also be helping to slow the pandemic.

Perfect for funk fans both new and old, the goofy lyrics mixed with infectiously danceable grooves will have you singing "I'll be your Clorox wipe" and "let me wipe your surface" as you boogie down masked and six feet apart from your friends.

The first two tracks, "Clorox Wipe" and "6 Feet Away," play on themes of dating during lockdown while "Stay In Bed (And Do Nothing)" honors the essential workers of the world. The final two tracks, "'Roni Got Me Stressed Out" and "Cabin Fever," take on the anxiety of being stuck inside all day.

Chromeo member Dave 1 spoke about how the EP was initially a joke, but after teasing the material over the past two months, they realized that fans loved it so much that they had to release it. "Honestly, it started as a joke," he said. "At the beginning of quarantine, we hunkered down in our studio, freestyled a song called ‘Clorox Wipe’ and posted it online to cheer people up. The response was overwhelming. So we wrote another one, and another one. Fans kept asking if we were going to release them for real, so after a couple of weeks, we obliged."

Quarantine Casanova by Chromeo is out now. You can download, stream, and purchase physical copies of the EP via their Bandcamp page here.