CloZee, the world bass superstar known for uniting listeners across the globe with her organic sounds, is here to deliver the third and final single from her forthcoming Neon Jungle LP, the first album since her 2018 debut Evasion. "Us," featuring Australian indie outfit The Kite String Tangle, follows her previously celebrated tracks "Winter Is Coming" and "Air." The poignant single is here to engulf her fans in a warm blanket of tranquility. 

The emotive track highlights Danny Harley's warm voice, the singer and multi-instrumentalist of The Kite String Tangle, and takes it on a journey of lush, downtempo soundscapes filled with soaring melodic bass stylings. It's an elegant piece of music that expresses the atmospheric sound design we've come to know and love from the Toulouse-bred, Colorado-based artist. 

The Kite String Tangle stated he "loved working on this track" in a press release issued to announce the single. "It came to me in a really turbulent time of my life and was super therapeutic to write," he added. "Working with CloZee was really easy and she’s super talented so the track fell together really naturally." 

Since word of the Neon Jungle LP broke, it has had the "CloZee Tribe" on the edge of their seats waiting to see what immersive experience she delivers next. The compelling album cuts "Winter Is Coming" and "Air" both express her masterful way of utilizing sounds from around the world, conveying a sense of unity and relatability that goes beyond genres.

To preorder Neon Jungle prior to its July 3rd release, head to CloZee's website here