From the South of France to the Black Rock Desert and beyond, global bass artist CloZee has entranced an international tribe with art that provokes and unifies.

Earlier today, the sensational producer delivered the first single off of her upcoming LP, Neon Jungle. “Winter is Coming” is a poignant track that builds on her strengths and revisits her ability to evoke emotion and harmony through sound.

CloZee originates from Toulouse in Southern France. In 2015, she broke out with the success of her song “Koto,” which set the stage for her Evasion EP (2018) to compel listeners across the globe. Her music has been coined as “world bass,” defined by her fanatical knack for organic sounds and freeform melodies. 

Between playing high-profile gigs at Coachella, appearances at Burning Man, and performing at dawn in a Costa Rican jungle, her music has drawn in listeners of all ages, nationalities and artistic backgrounds.

“Winter is Coming" follows April's collaboration with Opiuo ("Bam Bam"), and may sound familiar to members of her diehard "CloZee Tribe." The track has been featured in many of her recent sets, and its arrival couldn't come at a more needed time.

The track opens with a plucked array of percussion samples, soon followed by lush strings and vocal chops. The graceful introduction of each instrument creates a sweeping feeling that pleasantly overwhelms the listener one element at a time. The drop kicks in at 1:18 and combines these raw elements with warping, gritty bass. While a lot of dubstep or alt-bass usually promotes a darker aesthetic, CloZee's is channeled into a more uplifting, positive aura. With its vocal chants and tribal instrument samples, the song's build possesses an invigorating energy that begs to be shared—and danced to—in a live, communal setting. 

With the world being in such a chaotic state of affairs, "Winter is Coming" is an important work of art to help audiences feel connected and empowered once again. Fans will get to hear Neon Jungle in full when it's released on July 3rd.