Exclusive Circus Records signee Conrank release new single "Bubble & Run" alongside Cardiff MC Patwan

Born in the U.K., L.A./Shanghai-based DJ and producer Conrank has a longstanding reputation as a multi-talented artist with a wide variety of influences. He has an extensive history of dabbling in different genres and styles, was a beatboxer in the UK, and even hosted a show on MTV called Indelible Hip-Hop. Conrank is an undeniable industry legend that defies all attempts at classification.

Conrank Press Photo In Blue Hat and Blue Shirt

In crafting his signature sound, Conrank draws on musical elements from a wide variety of styles such as hip-hop, drum and bass, dubstep, drumstep, and jungle, all of which are evident throughout his unique productions. A longtime Circus Records veteran, he's recently been known for a series of hard-hitting bass music monstrosities, but he certainly doesn't limit himself to filthy bass. Conrank strives to infuse each of his works with a wonky, melodic twist that keeps things fresh and exciting.

As the newest exclusive signing to Circus Records, Conrank is set to deliver a batch of excellent new music, starting with his latest single "Bubble & Run" featuring Cardiff emcee Patwan. The natural successor of Conrank's previous collaboration with Patwan on his single "Decapitate," "Bubble & Run" offers listeners a frenetic mix of bombastic bass and a hectic, high-energy melodic structure.

We've also heard rumors that Conrank's debut LP will be released sometime this summer. With "Bubble & Run" as his latest mind-boggling musical offering, we have high expectations of the music yet to come.

Stream or Download "Bubble & Run" today.


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