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It's been nearly two years to the day that we said goodbye to Cookie Monsta, and even today his legacy continues to carry the torch of bass music forward. 

A new record from Cookie Monsta arrived today by way of his home at Circus Records. Titled "I'm Delighted," the track is his first posthumous release and it's a collaboration with longtime friends Flux Pavilion and Koven.

The song features larger-than-life production from the formidable assembly of artists, enveloping Koven's heart-wrenching vocals in a sea of voluminous chords and soaring leads. The lyrics dig deep into the psyche innate in every human, putting the timeless struggle to quash destructive self-talk into words that few could so eloquently express.

Ultimately, the song's message is one of perseverance and putting on a brave face in uncertain times. Waves of synths crash over the lingering moments ending each cathartic verse, eventually building up into a grand finale driven by an equally powerful guitar solo. The epic scale and powerful subject matter will certainly be an enduring part of Cookie Monsta's ongoing legacy.

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Cookie Monsta, whose real name was Tony Cook, tragically died in October 2020 at the age of 31.

"Tony loved cinematic music and always wanted to write it, that was the concept behind this record," Flux Pavilion said in a statement shared with "He had been struggling with writing, so I was like 'What do you want to do, let’s just do that.' The craziest thing for me is the emotion, when Katie [Koven] sent that vocal, both Tony and I were blown away. Then to come back and work on it posthumously, it became an incredibly deep and meaningful process for Katie, Max and myself.

"Shortly before he passed away, the last text Tony sent me was replying about this track, he said 'gorgeous, analogue as f*ck,'" he continued. "When we came back to finishing the song, that was all the guidance we needed to finish it off the way he would have wanted."

All profits and artists' shares collected from "I'm Delighted" will benefit Cook's son, Oliver. You can stream the track here.


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