Still on the high from his aptly-titled Halloween EP release, FEARWORLD, Crankdat returns to Monstercat to remind fans of his softer, more melodic side in his new single, “Falling.” 

Unlike his horror-inspired singles off of FEARWORLD, which unleashed screeching bass and supercharged drops, “Falling” features a sultry, soft-spoken vocal and an uplifting melody. Crankdat (real name Christian Smith) zeroes in on his future bass repertoire, creating a heart-rending fusion between his gritty, gear-inspired bass sounds with a more lush vocal.“It’s been a while since I’ve done some pretty stuff,” Smith wrote to his socials.

Similar to the beautifully crafted single, “Nothing Matters” of his GEARWORLD VOL. 1 EP, Smith carried a sorrowful tone throughout the track with impassioned, longing lyrics. Though fans have seen this side of Smith in small doses throughout his career, the multi-faceted producer seems to be pushing himself to new heights and experimenting with more vocal-based tracks.

“Falling” leaves listeners yearning for more as they anticipate the next chapter in Smith’s creative journey. 

Stream or download Crankdat's "Falling," out now on Monstercat.

Crankdat Falling Album Art