Canada has given rise to some of music's hottest stars, including Drake and Justin Bieber, as well as mainstay electronic acts such as deadmau5, A-Trak, Kaytranada, and a multitude of others. Young Saskatonian Crowvenn (real name Zach Gosselin) may just be one of the next big Canadian talents, and he's seeking to prove it with his epic new single, "Adermatoglyphia."

Standing on the shoulders of giants like Rezz and Amon Tobin, Gosselin's new single scratches the midtempo electro itch with catchy, familiar sounds while remaining fresh and enticing. "Adermatoglyphia" certainly derives inspiration from artists within that realm, but Gosselin's glitched-out and pitch-shifted production is a unique offering that's just as suitable for radio play as it is for sexy advertising. 

Adermatoglyphia is defined as a rare condition in which ridges of fingers, palms, toes, and the soles of the feet are unapparent. This condition makes it impossible to identify a person who has it via standard fingerprinting methods. 

In the same way that someone with this rare condition could quite easily take an action while remaining completely anonymous, Gosselin has appeared seemingly out of nowhere with "Adermatoglyphia." Don't sleep on him, though, because if his new single is followed up by works of equal or greater quality in the future, Crowvenn will become an easily recognizable name and a force to be reckoned within the world of EDM. 

"Adermatoglyphia" is out now and available here.