Dabin and Said The Sky may have another song as Dab The Sky on the way if social media is any indicator. The former artist teased a short clip of a song, hinting that it resulted from them collaborating together.

Brief as it may be, the video offers proof of concept of an as-yet-unnanounced single with lush atmospheres, radio-friendly vocals, and other hallmarks of both artists’ signature sounds. Dabin (real name Dabin Lee) playfully alluded to Said The Sky (real name Trevor Christensen) being involved in the accompanying caption. 

By now, Lee and Christensen are no strangers to working with one another. 2018 saw them team up on a track titled “Superstar,” which they followed up with “Hero” in 2019. It also recently came to light that Lee may have another collaboration on the way with Illenium if visible project file names during the Denver superstar’s recent live stream hold any weight.

Lee and Christensen have yet to share a title, release date or any other information for their potential collaboration at the time of writing.


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