Dance Yourself Clean is an indie-pop dance party created by music lovers, for music lovers. What started in 2013 as an intimate gathering in a tiny local bar in Seattle has since evolved into a globe-spanning musical movement. With a dedicated celebrity following and scores of loyal fans around the world, the Dance Yourself Clean nights are known for their sets consisting of dance-punk, electronic rock, and dance-pop acts such as Glass Animals, LCD SoundsystemTove Lo and more.

In 2016, Dance Yourself Clean introduced their very own record label, Lights & Music Collective, where they are now releasing their own new music as a duo under the name of their highly sought-after and infamous dance parties. Most recently, they released the brand-new single "Waste My Time (featuring The Fame Riot)," a striking indie dance-pop record with warm and summery electro soundscapes, fiery vocals, anthemic chords, and evocative, impassioned keys. 

"Waste My Time" details the relatable story of the struggle one goes through in coming to terms with the ending of a relationship. In a joint statement, the duo noted that, "the single is an expression of realizing you can’t be in love with that person forever while admitting that you would if they let you... Or even acknowledging that the only way you’ve loved this person for so long was that you were blinded by the power of your human emotions."

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Dance Yourself Clean - Waste My Time (ALBUM ART)