COM3T, aka Dani Thorne's break into the EDM world has been fantastic, and following her sets at EDC, touring shows, and Lost Lands she has just released "Metamorphosis". The grimy dubstep track opens with deep, grungy and raw vocals before dropping into wonky wubs punctuated with expletives. We're looking forward to hearing this sexy track get rinsed out at her sets in the future. Give the track a listen below, and check out her inspiration as well! 

Metamorphosis means the whole lifespan, but I believe that most people think it means the stage where the caterpillar transforms into a butterfly. Which is exactly the realizations I had while making this song. I kept thinking of myself as this conscious caterpillar heading to being a butterfly, and the things that happened over the past couple years, were the things propelling me into my next state. Especially during my last breakup. But really, it’s not just the stage in the cocoon, it’s every step from the day you’re born, including today, that leads us to tomorrow. All of those things, good and bad, made us the exact cocktail that we are. My transformation into the “butterfly” is letting everything be exactly where it lives, in the past. And living each day in the way that makes me happy and betters myself. If I can do that, then every tomorrow to follow is adding to the solid foundation for my “life house”.

The lyrics are different thoughts that I’ve had about the process; life & industry. While this is from my perspective, what I want people to take from it, is it’s all a process. You’re forever evolving and moving to the next step. It’s okay if you don’t know where that’s leading, but as long as you’re living authentically and stopping to see the beauty that’s all around, then you’re heading the right way.

All of that hidden under a riddim beat. I love bass music and wanted to make something hard af. The message is what I hope people pick up on when they play it over and over.

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