Spanish DJ and producer Danny Avila dropped an unusual collaboration. He teamed up with the UK rock band The Vamps and Ohio rapper Machine Gun Kelly for a new single " Too Good to Be True" out now via Ministry of Sound / B1 Recordings / SONY Music Spain.

The new song brings a blend of Avila's summer-vibed, upbeat production, while The Vamps and especially Brad Simpson, (the band's lead singer and guitarist) offer catchy vocals, turning the song into the dance-pop anthem. With Machine Gun Kelly switching the beat and bringing his flow, "Too Good To Be True" can catch the interest from fans outside the EDM world.

With all three artists announcing huge plans for 2018, this song can be a great kick-start for all of them, exposing them to the crowd they may not reach differently. Also, we recommend you to get used to this song, especially before the festival season.