Taking on the challenge of covering what is perhaps one of the most iconic songs of a generation, Chicago-born, Los Angeles-based producer and songwriter Danny Olson just released his newest record. It's a breathtaking and deeply emotional twist on Coldplay's hit single "Fix You" from the legendary album, X&Y.

Re-arranged and re-recorded from the ground up, Danny Olson and Jadelyn's interpretation of "Fix You" transforms the timeless Coldplay record into a fresh and deeply vulnerable piece of music that builds to an epic and undeniably powerful crescendo. Retaining all the passion and sentiment of the original while breathing new life and a fresh aesthetic into a long-beloved Brit-Pop / Alt-Rock masterpiece, Danny Olson and Jadelyn have accomplished something truly marvelous in their recreation of what Coldplay's Chris Martin referred to as "probably the most important song we've ever written."

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Danny Olson - Fix You (ALBUM ART)


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