An unreleased tune from the legendary David Bowie has finally been uncovered and released for all to enjoy. For "Nuts," the late artist dove headfirst into a drum-heavy, experimental electronic sound. The syncopated beat and waning synth guide the listener while soft-spoken vocals sprinkled throughout tie things together with a decidedly Bowie feel.  

The latest in a string of unreleased tunes from Bowie released in 2020, "Nuts" was written and recorded in 1996 alongside Reeves Gabrels and Mark Plati. It was intended to be a bonus track on his 1997 album EART HL I NG but the song didn't end up being included on the record. In a press release, a representative for the late Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee stated that another unreleased track would be delivered next week along with a "final extra surprise."

"Nuts" by David Bowie is out now on Parlophone Records. You can download or stream the uncovered single on most major streaming platforms today. 

H/T: Rolling Stone