If it seems like deadmau5 has had his hands in a lot of pots lately, it's because he has. The Canadian DJ/producer recently revealed a collaboration with fellow Twitch streamer dronehands in addition to the score of upcoming Netflix film Polar. Today, he's revealed the music video for his and Mr. Bill's "10.8" as well.

"10.8" was track #3 on Mau5trap's 2018 compilation Mau5ville Level 2. The CG-animated visual accompaniment was a collaboration between artists Funilab, Felix Stief and Sneekypops. Cityscapes meet with Japanese villages and more abstract imagery in the nearly three-minute video.

Although his discography extends back to his 2005 album Get Scraped, deadmau5 (real name Joel Zimmerman) became a household name following the success of his 2008 effort, Random Album Title. Showing great versatility as a creative mind, he's branched out into fields like stage design and professional gaming in the time since.

"10.8" by deadmau5 and Mr. Bill appeared on Mau5ville Level 2 which can be streamed or downloaded via Mau5trap across platforms here.


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