An instrumental deadmau5 has been tinkering with for some time will find its way into the Polar soundtrack. It recently came to light that the Canadian DJ/producer would score the Netflix film, and he's shared "midas heel" with fans ahead of its release.

In all fairness, "midas heel" is simply the instrumental version of "Drama Free" featuring Lights, whose music video came out in November of last year. The song's gritty, syncopated beat structure and suspenseful symphonic elements make just as good a fit for the screen.

Between stage show design, professional gaming, and his newfound film score debut, deadmau5 (real name Joel Zimmerman) continues to prove his versatility. Having garnered worldwide renown for his 2008 effort Random Album Title, he possesses a highly uncommon level of creative freedom in all that he pursues.

The Polar soundtrack by deadmau5 is slated for release on January 25th. Preorder it via Apple Music here.