A cryptic teaser from Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo's production project The Neptunes was shared on Saturday, leaving fans scrambling to figure out what the duo is up to. All was uncovered this morning, as deadmau5 shared an image of a mau5head made out of pomegranate, revealing that he would be joining them on a new track named after the fruit. 

Unfortunately, nothing else was revealed about the new song other than the title and that it will be released on deadmau5's label, mau5trap. Although the masked EDM sensation has not worked with the Grammy-winning production duo in the past, back in 2013 he was joined by Williams for an episode of his "Coffee Run" interview series.

At the time of writing, neither deadmau5 nor The Neptunes have revealed when their upcoming single "Pomegranate" will be released.

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