Only two days after announcing his new collaboration with The Neptunes, deadmau5 unveiled the single today, which marks his first original release of 2020.

"Pomegranate," released via deadmau5's mau5trap imprint, explores the funkier side of the celebrated electronic producer, who teamed up with the Grammy Award-winning duo (comprised of Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo) for a pre-summer bop bursting at the steams with foot-tapping nu-disco flair.

"Pomegranate" holds all the gravitas of a technically pristine deadmau5 record while brilliantly interweaving the velvety, electro-pop-inspired sonic verve of The Neptunes. “Pomegranate" was recorded back in December 2019 in North Miami's Criteria Recording Studios during Art Basel, where deadmau5 and The Neptunes linked up for a secret session to craft the backbone for the track. Fast-forward one pandemic later, and we have the final track, which represents a genre-blending, and raw, and wholly authentic addition to deadmau5's storied catalog.

"The track without Pharrell singing on it has actually been kicking around for 5 years just kinda sitting in my burner pile of ideas," deadmau5 told Apple Music's Zane Lowe. "I caught wind of them getting the band back together last year... and Pharrell had a listen to that old demo then we met up in the studio in Miami."

Fans can also expect to see “Pomegranate” appear on deadmau5’s next artist album.

You can stream "Pomegranate" via your favorite platform here.