Wolfgang Gartner and deadmau5 grabbed headlines over the holidays with the revelation that the two producers are planning to release a new collaboration, "Channel 43."

Now we have a taste of what's coming after deadmau5 shared a new clip of the hotly anticipated release, a sure sign that fans likely won't be waiting much longer to hear it in full. 

The track feels nostalgic in that it seemingly picks up right where their previous offering "Channel 42" left off. The producers double down on the complextro elements, offering up a sonically intricate track, tightly interwoven with uplifting chords. Hearing deadmau5 and Gartner's latest makes it hard to believe it's been nearly eight years since their debut collaboration arrived on deadmau5's >album title goes here<.

Despite no official release date, there's a chance those attending deadmau5's birthday concert at the NOS Events Center on January 3rd will hear the release in full-form this week as Wolfgang Gartner will also be joining the festivities.

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