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What started off as just a turn of phrase has since become a defining track shaping Chloe x Halle's newly released sophomore album, Ungodly Hour. Even before there was an album, however, there was only a question.

What can be said with the phrase "Ungodly Hour?" The R&B duo pondered this question and ultimately sought the answer with the help of hit-making UK duo Disclosure. After a day of writing together last year, the concept for the album's title track had been developed. 

"Ungodly Hour" can be seen as a bridge between the duo's scintillating debut The Kids Are Alright and the weightier themes of their latest offering. Disclosure help set the tone with minimal yet delicately precise synth work. The approach gives ample space to the vocals of Chloe x Halle, whose voices reverberate in angelic swirls throughout.

Underpinning the dreamlike textures are some of the duo's most pensive themes to date. According to Chloe, the track's hook, "Love me at the ungodly hour," means "love me when I’m at my worst; love me when I’m not all dolled up and made up. Love me when all my insecurities are out on the table.” 


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