It's been far too long since Disclosure live streamed a Kitchen Mix for their worldwide fan base. The duo comprised of brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence made it worth viewers' while as they took the opportunity to debut a brand-new song titled "Ecstasy" before releasing it.

Unlike the more radio-friendly direction of recent Disclosure singles like "Know Your Worth" featuring Khalid, "Ecstasy" is a return to the soulful, classic house-inspired sound that rendered the duo a global phenomenon. The song's upbeat elements hinge around a vocal refrain for which it's titled.

The Lawrence brothers first broke through to the mainstream on the back of "Latch" featuring Sam Smith, a single released in 2012 which also appeared on their 2013 debut album, Settle. In 2015 they followed it up with another studio-length effort titled Caracal, which included another Smith-featured song titled "Omen." Although the duo have said that they consider their music pop, their success was often cited as an indicator of the 2013-2015 "deep house movement" in which classic styles of electronic music saw a resurgence.

"Ecstasy" can be streamed or downloaded across platforms here.