Despite releasing groovy "Ultimatum" featuring Fatoumata Diawara back in May, Disclosure have been relatively quiet for a long time in terms of new releases. The group even announced in January that they will not be organizing their infamous WILD LIFE festival with Rudimental this summer, in order to "embark on album number 3". 

Fast-forward to late August, and it looks like we're finally starting to get a taste of what's to come, as brothers Howard and Guy Lawrence out of nowhere decided to bless our ears with two new vibes.

"Moonlight" takes things back to Disclosure's roots, a sound countless fans have come to love over the years. A chopped vocal sample drives the beat as funky chords, pads and analog synths are layered masterfully underneath to create a super warm atmosphere. 

"Where Angels Fear To Thread" is where things get really funky. Disclosure flip a jazz acapella sample into another afternoon jam with huge replay value. 

We’ve been completely obsessed with acapella jazz groups lately, and wanted to try and incorporate that sound into our music. The Four Freshmen where one of the earliest groups to incorporate advanced jazz harmony into this style and inspired the likes of The Beach Boys. Years later, they are still inspiring us! Hope you all enjoy. 

Is their upcoming album close, and will it be featuring these gems? Time will tell!