Since announcing their hiatus three years ago, electronic heavyweight sibling duo Disclosure (real names Guy and Howard Lawrence) enjoyed some "much needed rest," barely making a peep in that time frame. Besides a collaboration with Khalid called "Talk," the Lawrence brothers have been nearly silent on the front of music releases. 

Fans will be elated to know that silence has been broken. Two days ago, Disclosure released a brand new single, "Ecstasy." But, the duo have decided to keep the ball rolling and surprise fans with two more new songs, "Tondo" and "Expressing What Matters," in the same week.

The new Disclosure sound is heavily influenced by the disco records of old, channeling an old school vibe but deeply incorporating the filter house vibes much akin to Daft Punk's iconic "Revolution 909" and other genre-defining tracks. "Tondo" teeters on world beat, incorporating lively vocal chants from Cameroonian musician Eko Roosevelt and bass guitar, while retaining the duo's classic flair. 

"Expressing What Matters" takes the tempo down a bit to a more familiar feel for Disclosure tracks, with a choppy bass line and soulful Boz Skaggs samples. Both tracks rely heavily on sampling, but they keep things fresh for 2020 in a unique way for which the Lawrence brothers have become so well known. 

There haven't yet been any announcements in regards to whether or not these new singles will be part of an album. What matters to fans is that Disclosure are back, and they certainly haven't missed a beat.