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Back in February 2020, DJ Snake played one of the most iconic concerts of his illustrious career. Performing in his native country, the barnstorming DJ and music producer made history at the Paris La Défense Arena when he headlined the largest single-day electronic dance event in Europe. At the time, DJ Snake called the night "legendary."

Apple Music has now crystallized the DJ set in its digital annals to pay homage to one of Snake's most fabled shows while satiating his global fanbase. Subscribers can now stream the full set, which doubles as a blistering song-cycle of heavy-hitting tracks from the likes of Skrillex, The Frim, Henry Fong, and more in addition to French compatriots Mercer, Aazar, and Bellecour, among others. He also debuted his monster 2020 trap release "Trust Nobody" at the show, inciting a "wall of death" of the likes no one had ever seen.  

You can dive back into the momentous set below.

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