Doctor P (real name Shaun Brockhurst) has been cultivating a devoted following since his start back in 2009. With a career spanning over a decade long, it makes the news of a debut album that much more special. It has been reported that fans can expect the new album titled Animal Vegetable Mineral Pt. 2, the follow-up to his 2012 EP, this March. To kick start the hype he has released a new track off the forthcoming effort, "Smoke & Flames" featuring Virus Syndicate

The single goes hard from the get-go, as the British grime collective blasts their way into the production. Their brash and taut rap style pairs perfectly with Brockhurst's dirty bass work. It combines to make an insane, head-thrashing mix that will make the crowds lose their minds. If this is even just a taste of what Animal Vegetable Mineral Pt. 2 has in store for us, fans are in for a treat. 

When the U.K. native dropped Animal Vegetable Mineral Pt. 1 in 2012 he delivered one of his most played songs to date, "Flying Spaghetti Monster." Eight years later, we get to see how he plans to follow up such a successful release. It has been reported that the album will feature a collection of his previously released singles from 2019 as well as some unreleased work due to come out in the next few months. His latest single, "Voices," gave his longtime fans a look back at his drum and bass roots. Only time will tell what direction he takes this new album.

H/T: Your EDM