Downlink's first EP in 7 years

Canadian producer Downlink is back to give his fans his first EP in seven years with his Threat EP.

"Doing a full EP is an opportunity to be more creative. I can mix in the big dancefloor tunes with other music that’s a bit different than my usual stuff. As I get older and spend more time in this industry I find that switching it up keeps things fun and exciting."-Downlink

He throws down for this comeback. 

He begins with "Invective", which comes in strong with an ominous womps and would be perfect if you're looking to get some rage out. 

"Louder" feels a little like this:

"Medicine" shows Downlink's lighter side. This track incorporates tribal vibes with ambient synth pads and that sharp bass. Very atmospheric.

"Simulation Stimulation" is an amazing title. It too opens atmospheric and ominous. It leads into simulation theory descriptions, I believe that's Elon Musk talking. 1:30 into the song we get the chopped up drop. Simulation break. 

"Threat", the title track released earlier this month, opens with the sirens and hardstyle drums. Get crazy to this bad boy. 

Following the release of this EP, fans can look forward to an Uplink Audio North American tour announcement.

You can follow Downlink here: