Duke Dumont's 2015 original "Ocean Drive" has been one of the top performing tracks of the UK producer's career. Now a handful of years later, Duke Dumont revealed a very interesting piece of information that sheds light on the original plans for the track. 

Duke Dumont turned heads after responding to a fan who tweeted they were patiently waiting for a collaboration between the melodic house producer and The Weeknd. Duke Dumont commented in response that "Ocean Drive" was offered to The Weeknd as a collaboration. In the end, however, Boy Matthews, was the artist who made the final cut. 

Boy Matthews has since gone on to appear on records alongside Hayden JamesOliver Heldens, and more. Given how iconic the track has come to be, it is hard to understate the impact of "Ocean Drive" and how it has elevated both artists. Still, the revelation has surprised many fans, who are left now only to imagine how the collaboration would have sounded if history played out differently.

Duke Dumont's "Ocean Drive" was also recently included on the producer's debut album Duality which was released just last month. 


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