As enigmatic as he is gifted, anonymous producer DVRKO has dropped a gripping official video for his debut single, "This Is How (feat. Sarah de Warren)."

The engrossing music video for "This Is How" serves as an ideal companion to the original track, magnifying the mesmerizing undertones of the slow-burning melodic house ballad. Placed in a dystopian future, DVRKO travels through time in a DeLorean to infiltrate the fictitious "National Aerobics Championship." Mayhem ensues as he DJs atop a floating platform, which traverses the competition after engaging rocket boosters like a jetpack. The video also ends on a cliff-hanger, signaling more to come in terms of DVRKO's unique story.

Shrouded in mystery since the unveiling of his project, DVRKO continues to augment the allure of his tantalizingly shadowy brand with each mesmerizing release. With much more music on the horizon in 2020, it remains to be seen how much longer DVRKO can keep up his cloak-and-dagger operation before rumors begin to swirl surrounding his identity.

Until then, you can immerse yourself in the spellbinding music video for "This Is How" below.