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Just when you thought trap producers had tried every last trick in the book, E V O has delivered a banger that brings something new to the table. For "Bullet & The Gun" - which came out today on Pantheon Select - he's enlisted the vocal stylings of Eden Knight. In addition, he's employed production techniques that could make the song a popular reference track among up-and-comers. 

Knight's angelic vocal soars over serene melodic sound design elements for the first portion of the track. A blistering drop with inventively incorporated sound effects contrasts sharply with that which came before, punctuated intermittently by chopped samples of the topline. A bridge illuminates the song's central motif before a variation in production sets the second drop ablaze.

Little is known about E V O except that he hails from Brisbane, Australia. Four months ago he collaborated with Slaiman on a chiptune-reminiscent hip-hop beat titled "Wrapper," and followed it up last month with the three-track EP titled MEME-STEP.

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"Bullet & The Gun" featuring Eden Knight by E V O is out now on Pantheon Select. Stream it across platforms here.

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