Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Eddy Mansito was deeply influenced by the influx of excellent music that came to Miami from all over the world, as well as the Latin cultural background in which he was immersed throughout his youth. 

Realizing early on that music would become a permanent fixture in his life, Eddy put everything else aside to concentrate entirely on his music career. This was only the start of Eddy’s musical odyssey. Over the course of the next 10 years, Eddy made great strides in shaping his own unique sound, continuing to nurture his all-consuming love of music, and honing his technical and creative skills to a razor's edge.

For an excellent showcase of Eddy Mansito's work, check out the latest edition of his "You Can't Party With Us" mix. It's jam-packed with many of the best mashups and mixes that Eddy has to offer, and is a perfect soundtrack for warm summer afternoons.

Eddy also had a longstanding love of baseball, which leads perfectly into his love for merging the worlds of music and sports - and frankly, his ability to integrate music fully into everything he pursues. In his own words, “I always imagined my walk up to the batter's box to be Tiësto’s "Adagio For Strings.”

Eddy Mansito / Moonlight Records Logo (White on Black)

Moonlight Records is Eddy’s newest project and will be his major point of focus in 2019. Launched in February, Moonlight is Eddy’s very own record label, from which he released his first ever solo original, “CHNNL #8."