At first listen, Eflorem's "Money" evokes a sense of mystery and dread. It's as if one has been sucked into the television screen and is playing the lead role in a video game, en route to a duel with evil. As the final level approaches, the track kicks into high gear, providing the perfect soundtrack to defeat the menacing villain.

Back in the real world, "Money" proceeds to seduce the ear and the body, unleashing a monster of a bass house beat. As the track cascades back down from its climax, the tone turns ominous yet again, relying on stylized vocals from Scarey Jones. The final stretch packs a punch, consisting of a heart-racing, bass-heavy throwdown.

Aside from crafting a dynamic single, Eflorem hopes to shed light on societal greed and classism with this track. The pair aspires to tell a story about today's society and consider themselves pivotal as artists make social commentary with their work.

This effort follows Eflorem's debut EP, Blastoff, which contains the titular track and "Event Horizon". The duo, consisting of Heather Worden and Dewey McManus, met at Berklee College of Music in Boston where they studied electronic production and sound design. Now based in Los Angeles, Eflorem is embracing their quirkiness and emerging as noticeable acts in the bass genre. 

Self-identifying as weirdos, Heather and Dewey insist on breaking the stereotypical mold. In the burgeoning scene, eccentric personalities stand out, but it's the music that leaves a lasting impression and "Money" leaves its mark.