Guaranteed to break the norm from any musical act you’ve seen or heard, Eko Zu captivates audiences time after time. Described as part animal, part human, these crossover creatures incorporate a wild harmony to provide fans with something fresh and innovative. 

Through the harmonious guitar strums from Zu’CH3N, to the raw melodic sounds of Zu’ri’s voice, mixed with the wild percussive patterns of Zu’ian’s drums, the trio captures everything from jungle sounds to mystic lullabies of the Pacific.

Their new single "Burning Through The Night" is certainly stunning. With beautiful melodies, a future bass-style drop, and a melodic guitar riff, it comes as no surprise to learn that this is one of my favorite songs that I've heard so far this week.

I absolutely love it when upcoming artists are able to showcase their talent to the world. This is certainly something that we'll have on repeat.