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With an electrifying, quirky trap sound and a comedic touch to match, bass music artist Eliminate has found his stride not only as a producer, but also as a YouTuber. His hilarious stable of videos includes clips of him sampling a toilet flush to make house music, harnessing the sound of his own burps to make dubstep, and even making a song without ever listening to it.

Eliminate's latest madcap video arrives in the form of a reimagination of the Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout theme song, which he mutated into a synthwave smash. In the nearly 11-minute video, he walks his subscribers through the nuts and bolts of the remix, displaying how he crafted the chord progressions, layered each sound, and designed the lush, gooey synths synonymous with the budding genre

The battle royale game Fall Guys has been waking waves in recent weeks for its refreshing twist on the genre, and its theme song is emerging as a popular target for electronic music producers. Fellow blossoming bass producer Aweminus recently flipped it into a wonky dubstep tune.

Check out the video below via Eliminate's YouTube channel.

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