We've heard a lot of fantastic music out coming out of Elixir Records this year, and their final 2018 release, Coopex's new single "Find Me," is certainly no exception.

Chill, atmospheric and captivating, with just the right amount of drive to keep it fresh and danceable, "Find Me" is a perfect way for Elixir and Coopex to close out their year. "Find Me" perfectly exemplifies the breadth of style and curation represented in the Elixir aesthetic.

Album Artwork for "Coopex - Find Me"

Album Artwork for "Coopex - Find Me"

2018 was quite the year for Coopex, seeing him release music with key tastemakers such as Trap Nation, Lowly Palace and Chill Planet in addition to Elixir Records. We highly encourage you to check out "Find Me," and be sure to keep an eye on both Coopex and Elixir in the New Year.


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