Multi-faceted artist and electropop producer Elohim has united with GRiZ to release their first collaborative track, "Bring Me Back." Out today, the groovy new tune showcases a balanced blend of both artists' vivacious styles.

Earlier this week, GRiZ and Elohim took to social media to announce the upcoming track. While GRiZ described the aural aspects as "super wavy," Elohim posted the lyrics, "I need you to bring me back," from the chorus. GRiZ's spirited keyboard production skills, textured with Elohim's euphonious vocals, create a soothing ambiance for the impassioned house anthem. 

While the tune itself is bubbly and uplifting, the soft vocals express melancholic feelings from seclusion. One line in particular, "I don't want to stay like this forever," rings true for all of us as we navigate through the trying times of the pandemic.

Elohim is known for her transparency when it comes to her mental health journey, using her music to raise awareness. In doing so, she has fostered an open dialogue on the topic, allowing her to connect deeply with fans. GRiZ has a similar mission, as he continues to show everlasting support of mental health. Both artists are truly a beam light for those who are struggling and feel alone. 

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Even the artists have struggled now and then, patiently waiting for live events to return and bring them back to life. Elohim and GRiZ's new single, "Bring Me Back," voices the longing to get back but in a way that feels hopeful and full of life. “It’s really a feel good song that makes you dance and also makes you a little emotional if you listen to the words,” Elohim told

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