Back in April, Ilan Bluestone, Maor Levi, and Emma Hewitt unveiled their collaborative project Elysian with their first single "Moonchild." Today they've released their first EP as a trio, Water, out via Anjunabeats

Water is a perfectly executed 4-track EP that highlights the unique sound the super-trio has put together. Both Ilan Bluestone and Maor Levi show masterful production skills and attention to detail on each of the four tracks, while Emma Hewitt's gorgeous vocals add yet another layer of intrigue to the EP. 

The title track, "Water," is an excellent introduction to Elysian. Crisp synths follow Emma Hewitt's intro, building into a high-energy, upbeat drop. "Beyond The Comfort Zone" sets a darker and broodier tone, hitting listeners with aggressive bass stabs from front to back. "Moonchild" is just as menacing, creating its gloomy atmosphere through thoughtful production with less of Hewitt's vocals than what listeners will find in the EP's other songs. 

To close things out, the trio cooked up the most unique tune on the EP, "Little Star." "Little Star" slows the pace with a stripped-down, old-school beat and a phenomenal saxophone solo. The real highlight on this one, however, is Hewitt's vocals, as every other element serves to enhance her addition.

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You can stream Elysian's Water EP below.





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