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Industry veterans Ephwurd (real name Basie Hauser) and ANGELZ are back with their latest release, "Heat," just in time for the summer party season, out now Spinnin' Records

“Heat” packs some serious energy. Specifically curated to sound massive on surround sound systems, this new summer banger is an experience in itself. Whether it’s being listened to on headphones, speakers, or the big stage, this bold track is something to be kept on repeat.

ANGELZ, the once producer of hip-hop signed to Def Jam Recordings, fell in love with house music through the club scene. He quickly embraced his passion for it, but having only a background in hip-hop producing, his sound wasn’t the atypical “house” style. Instead of conforming, he saw a clear vision in his path. Blending together hip-hop's raw energy with the addictive groove of bass house - along with the many other production skills he has picked up across the 10+ years of producing - has given him his signature sound. 

Hauser is also no stranger to blending and breaking stylistic barriers. As a child, he grew up traveling the world and going to jazz festivals with his father, Tim Hauser, singer of The Manhattan Transfer. After hearing electronic music for the first time at a young age, he began researching how artists were creating those sounds. With his background and passion for a multitude of genres, Hauser has implemented that into his Ephwurd project by experimentation throughout the years. 

Despite coming from different producing backgrounds, both artists share a defining quality that has been instrumental in their careers: the ability to produce infectious beats that can get anyone moving. 

"To step out of that box we used a modular synth Ephwurd had and basically most of the noises are analog,” said ANGELZ in regards to the making of "Heat." “It gives it a certain warmth, and, to me, takes away from that synthetic and robotic feel the heavy bangers get. It was kind of a tech house approach to an intense bass house track.”  

It comes as no surprise that the team together have created a track that's pure “Heat”. Their undeniable talent and dedication for their craft have earned them the respect and support of producers and fans across all genres. 

Stream or download Ephwurd and ANGELZ' new single "Heat" out now on Spinnin' Records. 



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