Eptic has made his grand return to Monstercat with a high-intensity tune. The dubstep and trap hybrid "Propane" showcases all the attributes that have propelled the young producer to the top of the bass music world. 

Emphasizing his iconic and incredibly polished sound design, "Propane" sees Eptic (real name Michaël Bella) at his finest. A rumbling introduction garnished with metal vocals and ominous synths prepares the listener for the madness about to unfold.  

He then cranks the dial to eleven and a blistering romp crossing the two genres is unleashed. Chaotic yet concentrated, many of his signature sounds are used in such a way that feels on brand while decidedly fresh. The intensity of the track should come as no surprise as the cover image he created is literally a three-eyed devil resting on a bed of flames. 

Artwork for "Propane" by Eptic.

Bella has shared a wonderful relationship with Monstercat recently as his last EP, Flesh & Blood, was released on the label last October. Just a few months before that, he joined forces with Dillon Francis for the moombahton anthem "Let It Go." While that in and of itself is a massive collaboration, this was no one-shot. His collaboration with DJ Snake, "SouthSide," was the most-played track during EDC Week 2019. The future looks bright for the Belgian producer as he promises that more originals and collaborations are in the pipeline.  

"Propane" by Eptic is out now on Monstercat. You can download or stream the new tune here.


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